July 6, 2017

A Small Investment in Understanding the Customer Priorities Can Have a Significant Impact on Increasing Your Market Share and Profitability. You Can’t Afford Not to Measure.

CSM offers two assessments depending on your business needs and budget:

  1. Exploratory Glimpse: By conducting 15 telephone surveys, this assessment is designed as a litmus test of your strategic customers to measure their assessment of your value delivery and identify issues most important to driving more business. Average Cost:  $9,500
  2. Insight Glimpse: Designed to provide more in-depth information than the Exploratory Glimpse. This project would include 30 telephone surveys.  Average Cost: $15K

Exploratory Glimpse:  What’s Included

15 telephone surveys with strategic customers.  Customers are more willing to talk openly and candidly with an objective, third-party versus someone who has a direct link to their account and has developed a relationship with them.

Internal VOC AlignmentDuring project kickoff, CSM will meet with your management team to properly segment your customer base,  understand how this assessment will align with your business strategy, and discover internal viewpoints of customer perception and expectations.  Internal surveys are used to gap internal and external perspectives.

Customizable Survey Development.  CSM collaboratively develops a brief, highly focused survey to obtain insightful and meaningful responses from customers using a paired methodology: closed-ended rating followed by an open-ended question.  Project scoped at 5-minute survey.

Actionable Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.  CSM uses highly sophisticated quantitative analytical tools to provide the most actionable information; Overall Satisfaction, Price / Value Gap™ and Net Promoter Score® are some of our thought leading tools.

Timeline.  Approximately 3 weeks.

Insight Glimpse:  What’s Included

30 telephone surveys with strategic customers.  One of the greatest advantages of telephone surveys is the in-depth qualitative information.  An experienced telephone interviewer will probe into responses from customers to gather the most actionable information.

Internal VOC Alignment.

Customizable Survey Development.  Project scoped at 8-minute survey. The increased survey length enables you to probe deeper into customer accounts and provide meaningful competitive data.

Real-time Reporting.  The online, device-responsive dashboard tool enables you to view the data in a real-time.

Full Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.  The analysis is done by a highly skilled, statistical business analyst using cutting-edge analytical software.  CSM also focuses on the narrative by categorizing open-ended responses. We enable your customers to prioritize improvement initiatives that will deliver more value increasing retention, referrals and market share.

Timeline.  Approximately 4 weeks.

For more information on Customer Experience Research, CSM Case Summaries and references, contact: Frank Sanders, President and CEO of CSM Research, Inc.  Direct: 770.250.1611 Mobile: 404.713.3044 fsanders@csmresearch.com