What if you knew…

How your company’s culture drives engaged employees?

How you could turn more employees into your most effective recruiters?

The level of engagement and satisfaction of all employees?

Your strengths, best practices, potential risks and opportunities for improvement?

The success rate of the current organizational policies and programs?

The training, enhancements and career advancement needs of your employees?

How your employees in the field believe you can best save money?

What types of employees will leave you in the near term and why?

The CSM  F.A.C.T.O.R.


Our direct and focused survey design approach increases the engagement of the employees during the survey process and provides the most actionable data.


Many of CSM’s competitors simply report out the quantifiable results of the study, not providing the details needed to manage the low rated areas. CSM reports the results of the quantitative questions, but also does correlation analysis to determine which areas are key points of leverage in improving overall engagement.


CSM is highly collaborative with our clients in the survey design, implementation of the survey and reporting the results.  Our goal is to ensure that we are providing results that give you the greatest insights into the employees’ perspective.


CSM provides continuous daily updates regarding response rates, online report with encrypted password is available shortly after project start to show real-time results. Report cards are available immediately after the close of the survey with Summary of Findings with analysis and recommended areas of improvement within 2 weeks.


Eliminates any potential bias, as there are no other stakes in it other than to provide constructive feedback and accurate results.


Our nimble responsive process starts and completes a project in a timely manner.

Sample Reports




What to expect.

Focused on how your corporate culture drives employee retention, employee recruiting and employee thought leadership for improving your value proposition.


Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above average productivity – Workplace Research Foundation.

Companies who implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 15% lower than those that have no feedback – Gallup.

Case Summary

Client:  Bluegreen Resorts

Bluegreen Resorts is a leading provider of real estate-based vacation ownership with over 4,000 employees nationwide.  Bluegreen provides access to over 40 resorts and an exchange network of over 3,700 resorts and other vacation experiences such as cruises and hotel stays.


Bluegreen sought to improve the work environment and workflow process, and to increase their ability to attract and retain productive and motivated employees. Bluegreen also wanted to determine the key factors leading to the departure of an employee so that they could develop effective action plans for improvement.


Following a letter introducing CSM Research and explaining the reason for the research, CSM completed an in-depth study including online, telephone and printed surveys targeting all Bluegreen corporate and field employees.  The follow up telephone surveys gave voice to employees allowing them to describe in their own words their experiences with the company.  Bluegreen employees were also asked to rate their levels of satisfaction with all key functions of the business and work environment.


  • Many of Bluegreen’s assumptions were validated and new information was uncovered that would assist in recruiting, hiring, training and human resources management planning.
  • CSM identified both corporate wide and functional areas of strength and weakness that could be used as a basis for immediate corrective action and ongoing improvement planning.
  • Qualitative and quantitative findings were analyzed and trended year-to-year to facilitate Bluegreen’s effort to develop and maintain HR industry best practices.

Bottom Line

“We have implemented changes and are coaching our management based on the CSM data.  Without the research we would have guessed at these issues.  This information helps to galvanize the organization around specific issues.  I like the simplicity of what CSM does.  I know there’s a hard science behind what they do, but there’s elegance to that simplicity.”

John M. Maloney, Jr. / Bluegreen Executive VP & COO