What if you knew…

If the strategic plan is aligned with market demands?

The cultural, reputational, regulatory, supply chain risks?

If the new product will be bought?

What new markets are most responsive to your value proposition?

What your competitors are doing in their new markets?

How customers in a new market area may want your product/services customized based on their unique regional needs?

How your brand is perceived in different markets?

The CSM  F.A.C.T.O.R.


CSM provides the necessary research intelligence to support expansion and acquisition in new markets.


Analysis aids in understanding opportunities and threats to growth by evaluating potential competitors’ brand, market share, pricing, product offering, etc.


CSM collaboratively develops a brief, highly focused survey to obtain insightful and meaningful responses from the market.


Can be accelerated to a 3-4 week process.


In-house analysis can be subject to personal/cultural bias.


On the ground information versus in-house teams that lack the depth of approach and expertise to develop and execute the research process.

Sample Reports




What can you expect to get out of it?

Whether you are expanding into a new market by growing or acquiring a new company, CSM can design a custom research solution to meet your needs.

Our offerings include:

  • Market Studies
  • Brand Studies
  • Competitive Studies
  • Win/Loss Studies
  • Market Area Research; i.e. demographic and psychographic profiles
  • Site Visits; audit/validate customer and company sites
  • Market Entry; labor code, employment laws, local regulations, etc.

Case Studies

Valdosta State University Brand Identity Study

5 stage research project

Phase I: 20 face-to-face focus groups with prospective students, parents of prospective students, high school guidance counselors, alumni, current students and faculty/staff across the state of Georgia and Tallahassee, FL.  The goal was fact-finding, understanding the viewpoint of the key stakeholders.

Phase II: develop positioning statements based on the results of Phase I.

Phase III: test the positioning statements and select winning positioning using online surveys and telephone with the key stakeholders (HS counselors, parents and prospective students and alumni).

Phase IV: development of four creative campaigns based on the winning positioning statement.

Phase V:  test creative campaign with virtual and face-to-face focus groups with prospective students, vsu students and alumni.

Result: great insight in the true brand identity of Valdosta state, used to develop go-to market strategy.

“CSM takes it to the next level by giving us more information beyond just our client’s scores and verbatim by telling us what they’re really saying and that is super helpful to us. There were several ‘ah-ha’ moments.”

Accella Roofing Project

CSM was contracted to do a brand study of CFS, a company recently purchased by Accella Roofing, to determine the customer satisfaction baseline, identify areas of customer concern for improvement and assess brand/market for go-to-market strategy.

To get customers to open-up and speak openly about brand characteristics and competitive positioning, the survey has been structured to look like a customer satisfaction survey to the respondent.

A total of 30 telephone surveys were conducted, representing 30 unique contractors.

Result:  it was discovered that the brand is strong and generally outperforms competitors.  Recommended that a greater national marketing presence could drive more effective lead generation programs for contractors.